Things We Are Concerned About:

Stopping Franklin Blvd Roundabouts!

City Middle Housing Public Hearing

Non Owner Occupied Air BNBs

Elimination of Off Street Parking

Increasing Crime in Neighborhoods

Who Are We?

The Eugene Citizens website is contributed to by concerned citizens of Eugene, Oregon who are studying local projects and issues and want to share information with other interested residents and businesses.  We strive to deeply investigate and understand issues and present links related to these issues that help citizens become better educated and gain more understanding of the impacts to them and their businesses.  We hope that this can help facilitate better public involvement in city decisions for better a city long term for all.

In the 2022 City of Eugene Community Survey, when asked whether the city was a better or worse place to live than five years ago, 41% said it was "Worse" and 19% said it was "Much Worse"!  51% percent of respondents felt that the community is headed in the wrong direcion regarding housing.  55% percent felt the community is headed in the wrong direction regarding homelessness and related to this, 63% said that they are less likely to use public spaces and 51% said they feel vulnerable to crime or harassment.

And yet it seems that city leadership has been continuing down the same WRONG path.  The 2022 survey found that 35% of people had "Not Much Confidence" in the Eugene City Council handling issues in the city and another 18% had "No Confidence"!  Only 3% said they had a "Great Deal of Confidence"